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    All funding is via donations, 22% of which comes from sponsors and 78% from members and publisher members. Wound treatment via collagen extract of Sangkuriang catfish skin can improve therapeutic course of. Comparative effect of local and foreign business feeds on the expansion and survival of Clarias garie…

    Furthermore, to be able to understand how massive the probabilities and impact of the chance are, Z-score and VaR analysis software is used. Results from the analysis reveals that on the per period per hetchery, the risk probability from fungi is 40 %, bisnis ikan lele water high quality forty four p.c, feeds 5 %, and harvesting technic four p.c. The influence of the danger from fungi cost is Rp 5 795, water quality Rp 4 937, feeds Rp and harvesting technic Rp three 736. Sangkuriang catfish is the primary commodity that extensively cultivated in Tasikmalaya City. However, farmers have issue due to the disease which causes demise in fish.

    High mortality is suspected as a vibriosis disease by genus Vibrio because redness wounds on lifeless fish. The purpose of this examine is to know the genus Vibrio which causes of disease in Sangkuriang catfish. 10 samples of fish were taken from Sangkuriang catfish pond culture in Kelurahan Kersanagara Tasikmalaya City which have been probably suspected of vibriosis disease. Bacterial isolates had been collected from fish lesion on the physique surface, liver, and kidneys of catfish. Isolation had been able to gained 21 isolates after which 5 isolates had been selected primarily based on colony morphology and Postulates Koch’s have been examined.

    In order to get the anticipated results, elements that must be considered are water content material, temperature and water salt ranges that have an result on the quality of fish metabolism. The normal of water content in freshwater fish cultivation reaches pH and the temperature have to be maintained at 25,5 °C- 32,7 °C and the salt content is 105μS – 120μS. For the many components that need to be thought of then a system that can monitor the state of water at any time is required. This monitoring system makes use of Arduino uno as micro controller, geared up with ph sensor, temperature sensor, salinity sensor, LCD, and buzzer. The readable knowledge will seem on the LCD and the buzzer will sound when one of the moisture levels isn’t at a standard quantity.

    In this fashion of administration, aquaculture productiveness and water quality are low, which is an impediment for catfish farmers. This research was carried out by maintaining sangkuriang catfish seeds in spherical ponds with a diameter of two m2 with a density of 2000 tails per pond. The sangkuriang catfish seeds which have been stored have reached a length of four cm and are handled with 2 different therapies between fermented and non-fermented ponds. This analysis was carried out for 55 days from sixteen July to 10 September 2018, at the Fisheries Laboratory of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, East Java. The analysis technique used is an experimental method with this research carried out using descriptive strategies with 2 totally different therapies between fermented and non-fermented ponds. Water high quality administration is carried out each 3 days with measurements of water quality including temperature, pH, and DO.

    Lidocaine and collagen extract from Sangkuriang cat fish for 3 days and treatment group 2 for 10 days. Ecological and biological features of the nektonic group of carp fish and prospects for its prod… Microplastic is a small plastic dimension (≤5 mm) that is troublesome to decompose, thus making this materials will remain for a long time.

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