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    Shakespeare’s story of a sea-tossed hero whom fate bats from shore to shore was bent to a message about refugees and multi-culturism and how we should all be kind to one another.

    When he does, it’s a disaster.’ A scabrous comment!

    Into every life a little rain must fall –  even when it’s David Beckham’s.

    Sent off during the Paris St Germain v Evian game for violent conduct after six minutes – provoking a punch-up at the final whistle – a French critic says on the radio : ‘Beckham’s just like our president [Francois Hollande]. Most of the time, he does nothing.

    The civilians who participated in this Pericles will never forget it. As a one-time am-drammer, I am all in favour of community theatrics.

    Taking part in a play, front or back-stage, can be tremendous for bonding, self-esteem, emotional discovery and general sodality.

    He badly needs money.
    When his estranged father dies, Charlie thinks he is in for a windfall, but the old man’s fortune is left instead to Raymond, a brother Charlie never knew he had.
    Wide-boy Charlie Babbitt is a failing car-dealer in Eighties Los Angeles.

    Tory-voting West Ham vice-chairman and Apprentice star Karren Brady says she’d consider a move into politics and would ‘do anything for my country if they asked me’.

    Shouldn’t the Tories snap her up if there’s to be a by-election in Portsmouth, since Flick Drummond failed to take the seat in 2010? My source says: ‘Flick’s too posh for Pompey.’

    This is where I need to do some personal explaining.

    Thirty years ago, I met a beautiful girl and took her to the flicks. Neither of us had heard of autism. The first film we saw was Rain Man.

    Mr Bolton has used his first day as Ukip leader to soften the party’s line on immigration, telling reporters while numbers should be cut a hard target was not needed.

    Talking about the British & Irish Lions rugby squad tour of Australia, Radio 4 Today show’s dispensable Justin Webb takes a swipe at the Old Etonians working in No 10, saying, ‘What do you bet they call it “rugger”?’ Wonder what they called it at Sidcot, his fee-paying Quaker school in Somerset?

    There pupils enjoy ‘a wide range of traditional and not-so-traditional sports including swimming, football, rugby, cricket, netball, tennis, athletics, fencing and underwater hockey’.

    Isn’t it insulting to suggest voters are so easily influenced?

    Predictably, former Tory warhorse Norman Tebbit says David Cameron and Ken Clarke will be to blame if the party does badly and UKIP well in tomorrow’s local elections.

    He deplores Clarke calling UKIP ‘clowns’ and Cameron deriding them as ‘racists and fruitcakes’.

    Technically, it is probably a three-star job, but as I left Windsor¿s lovely Theatre Royal on Wednesday night I had a great lump in my throat” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

    The new touring production of Rain Man — a story best known for a 1988 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise — is not perfect.

    Technically, it is probably a three-star job, but as I left Windsor’s lovely Theatre Royal on Wednesday night I had a great lump in my throat

    That girl became my wife and it so happened that our first child, Claud, was found to be on the autism spectrum.
    We have looked back at that first cinema trip and wondered if it was a portent.

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    In Rain Man, Charlie kidnaps Raymond and takes him on a roadtrip.





    Strictly Come Dancing winner Joe McFadden ‘refuses to open… At first he is exasperated by Raymond’s odd ways, but after a week the jackass car-dealer has turned into a loving, proud brother. The so-called able one has learned from his disabled sibling. From Vance Joy, Amy Shark and Interpol to 80s’ rockers Toto:…


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